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NLC 2009-05-29/30

Possible NLC, undetected, on 2009-05-29/30
Possible NLC, undetected, on 2009-05-29/30.

Possible NLC on 2009-05-29/30
Possible NLC on 2009-05-29/30.

The reports and images on show that the 2009 NLC season has started with the first unambiguous sightings on 2009-05-26/27. The night of 2009-05-29/30 offers the chance to compare the images from this webcam with Tom McEwan's image. He is situated perhaps 100 km from me and reports forms I, IIa and IIb between 22:15 and 23:30, with brightness 2 (clearly detected). His image should be comparable with the one shown here, but his image is far superior.

My original at the top does not betray any NLC. The processed version below it has not only had its contrast enhanced, but also some red taken out. One can imagine that Tom's NLC might be in there, but if that is the case then the image is too noisy and its colour too far out of balance to find NLC of this brightness.